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Communications, Tracking and Safety Solutions
              for mining, tunnelling and industrial applications

Since 1988 Minecom has provided mining industries across the globe with the most reliable communications systems. With extensive experience in all types of underground environments from tunneling and coal mining, to hard rock mining, we have long recognised that safety and productivity depend on reliable two-way communications.  Minecom continues this tradition as PBE Australia


PBE Australia are always looking for new dealers who have have experience in the mining industy in communications, tracking or safety products and have the enthusiasm to support Minecom solutions in their area.          >>read more here.

Latest News


Leaky Feeder Communications

PBE's Minecom Leaky Feeder System provides a reliable underground communication system that has the ability to expand with your needs.

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How Leaky Feeder here.

Tagging and Tracking

PBE's Tracking System allows for precise site wide location monitoring of personnel and assets. The Minecom Electronic Tag Board can identify and locate personnel using an existing or new Ethernet / fibre network.

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Two-Way Radios

PBE Australia provide a range of options for site linking, surface and underground linking and mine radio communications. Motorola, Tait, & Kenwood two-way radios provide the perfect complement to PBE’s individually tailored communications, tracking and safety solutions.

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